The Gold team swept both the Ohio Orioles and J L Thomas with awesome offense and strong pitching this past weekend in Cleveland. Gold won the first game against the Orioles 4 to 2 and shut them out 9 to 0 in the second game on Saturday. On Sunday they battled J L Thomas to a 15-14 win and came back to an 8 to 5 victory in the second game. These four wins moved Gold into 1st place in the Tri-State League.

In the competition against the Orioles in the first game Cory Hornyak pitched an impressive complete game. Hornyak had 10 strike outs with only two walks allowing only 2 runs and 5 hits, and this is in addition to his home run blast on offense. Gold tallied 9 hits to earn the 4 runs. Leading the offense was Eric Yunker (2-3) and Casey Winckowski (2-4) with a double. The other hits were by Boomer Moulton, Colin Meinzer, Ryan Mouch, and Tristen Peffley.

The pitching continued to be incredible in the second game as Nate White went the distance to pitch a 1 hit shutout. The only hit of the game came with the first batter, after that the defense shut down Orioles offense. Gold offense was strong with 12 hits in the game. Bret Howard led the offense going 3 for 4 with a 2 RBI homerun. Other players with multiple hits include Jake Cappeletty (3 doubles); Boomer Moulton (single, double); and Casey Winckowski (2 singles).

On Sunday when Gold met J L Thomas they continued their slugging fest, but JL was battling back with their own hits. During the game there was a combined 39 hits between the two teams. Each time Gold scored JL would come back and score more runs.  Eric Yunker led the offense with 4 singles (4-4), Tristen Peffley (3-3) with a double, Winckowski (3-5) with a double and triple. Others with multiple hits included Howard (2-5), Cappeletty (2-4), Moulton (2-4), Jared King (2-4), and Mouch (2-4). Hornyak hit his second homerun of the weekend.

Gold was only able to muster 13 hits in the last game against JL for the 8-5 win. Jared King was the offensive leader (3-3) with 2 RBIs, Adam Yunker (2-4) with a triple, Winckowski (2-4), Moulton (2-3), and Peffley (2-3) finished out the multiple hit batters. Matt Kaighan claims the win pitching 5 innings with Eric Yunker recording the save in the last two innings.

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