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Written by Mark Griffin    

Four local schools to be represented at World Series

Several baseball players from The Press coverage area will have a say in how the LineDrive Sportz NABF College World Series plays out this year in Toledo.

The World Series will be held Aug. 6-9 at Ned Skeldon Stadium, Owens Community College, Bowman Park and the University of Toledo's Scott Park.


Two teams that feature local players, the Ohio Monarchs Gold team and the Ohio Monarchs Blue team, qualified for this year's Series. Last year the Monarchs Gold beat the Long Island (N.Y.) Astros in the title game.

The Monarchs Gold and Blue teams are members of the Toledo Amateur Baseball Federation.

"If we get timely hitting and good pitching, we should be all right," Gold coach Ed Mouch said. "The kids are getting excited about it. No one has repeated in this thing, so they have talked about the idea of repeating. It's challenging because of all the good teams that come in. We're looking forward to it. If we get the pitching and hitting we're capable of, we're as capable of winning it as anybody."

The Monarchs Gold will play in Group B, and Monarchs Blue will compete in Group D. The only way the two teams could meet in the World Series would be in the championship game.

"This is huge for these guys," Monarchs Blue coach Tim Matthews said. "It's different when you get to play teams from New York and some of these other teams. You play against some really good athletes. Some kids are drafted.

"The way some of the other kids talk, they have accents and it's interesting. The guys look forward to it because baseball is a universal sport and you get to run into things you haven't seen. The kids can't wait, because what we did during the regular season doesn't mean anything."


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